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Proud of our reputation as knowledge leaders, Sagacity regularly uses its voice to contribute to the debate and to the development of best practice.

We use a variety of media; the printed word, e-magazines, conference speaking and panels and social media to project our voice in the market. A selection of recent publications can be found below.

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Partners in Success
Following September 17's highly successful Stadia & Arena Asia Pacific 2017 Conference in Chiba City, Japan, where partnership was one of the overarching themes, Sagacity's Jon Coxeter-Smith gives a practitioner's view on the role of 'Partnerships for successful venue delivery'
Global Sports Impact
Buying into the 'Power of Sport' at emotional levels is easy for many of us, but how much do we really know about the impacts of sport. In the March | Aril 2015 edition of Sportcal Insight magazine pp. 42 - 43, Jon Coxeter-Smith reports on the latest developments in  Global Sports Impact.
Russia's Sporting Landscape

The UK’s sports industry has become very familiar with the term: a golden decade of sport – referring to the many international sporting events the UK has been awarded or is bidding to host, during the 2010s'. Looking east, Russia has now embarked on its own version of a golden decade...Click on the image above to read more.