Innovation in Venue Design
These days, innovation is an integral part of our vocabulary. It’s a much used word – maybe if Legacy is the L-word, Innovation has become the I-word for our sector - and apparently everyone’s doing it. Download a copy of the full White Paper here.
Progress Report

In an uncertain economy and with technological solutions unheard of even a handful of years ago now commonplace, the art of designing, building and operating a sports venue remains a balancing act.

Temporary Overlay at London 2012
Our previous understanding of the meaning of the word doesn’t go near to describing what happened at London 2012... 
London 2012; A Games to Remember?

With the London 2012 Olympic Games set deliver a £16.5bn ($25.9bn) boost to the UK economy by 2017 and help create the equivalent of 62,200 jobs...

Environmentally Friendly
Jon Coxeter-Smith discusses how responding to the Environmental Agenda is vital in the construction of sports and entertainment facilities 
China v Russia: Which Is the Leading Sports Nation?
The world of sport is changing and a new order is emerging as the impacts of the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games recede into the past...