Innovation in Venue Design
These days, innovation is an integral part of our vocabulary. It’s a much used word – maybe if Legacy is the L-word, Innovation has become the I-word for our sector - and apparently everyone’s doing it. Download a copy of the full White Paper here.
China v Russia: Which Is the Leading Sports Nation?
The world of sport is changing and a new order is emerging as the impacts of the Beijing 2008 and London 2012 Olympic Games recede into the past...
Progress Report

In an uncertain economy and with technological solutions unheard of even a handful of years ago now commonplace, the art of designing, building and operating a sports venue remains a balancing act.

Environmentally Friendly
Jon Coxeter-Smith discusses how responding to the Environmental Agenda is vital in the construction of sports and entertainment facilities 
Temporary Overlay at London 2012
Our previous understanding of the meaning of the word doesn’t go near to describing what happened at London 2012... 
London 2012; A Games to Remember?

With the London 2012 Olympic Games set deliver a £16.5bn ($25.9bn) boost to the UK economy by 2017 and help create the equivalent of 62,200 jobs...